UART CUBE was established in 2019 and originated from a design studio in LA. With the uniqueness of Taiwan’s market, we hope to develop a structure, that is, "Designed in the United States, Made in Taiwan".

In Taiwan, we can take advantage of manufacturing technology and production cost, combined with the creativity and design of the United States to build, and develop the industry powerfully.

We are committed to the commercialization of art and design IP and use distinct forms different from the existing market to promote art IP. Our Team members come from many areas such as experienced art curators, operators of art fairs, ID designers, IT industry and telecommunications backgrounds. The company's business projects mainly emphasize the art IP‘s authorization and commercialization. Also, we co-promote NFTs with artists in the online world.

Besides, a brick-and-mortar business "UART CUBE" with the same name as the brand was set up, hoping to break away from the online shopping model and return to operating experiential consumption in the physical store, letting IP creators and consumers have a chance to face to face.

UART CUBE成立於2019年,起源來自於LA的設計工作室,希望藉由台灣這個獨特的市場發展我們的架構,即「設計在美國、製造在台灣」。




我們也成立實體銷售與公司同名的商店-”UART CUBE”,希望跳脫一般的網購的模式,回歸以實體店面型態來經營體驗式消費,讓IP創作者能夠與消費者面對面的接觸。



The UART CUBE physical shop is a cubic space as the name, not only displaying IP works for sale, but also holding IP creators’ solo exhibitions or events from time to time occasionally. We hope to provide the public with a unique space experience and may allow IP designers to reach a wider audience.

We invited a well-known local Taiwanese architect to design the whole shop, the overall space is configured like a church. The countertop lets the salesperson looks like a priest preaching to the public and sharing the IP-creating concepts. On both side walls, there are egg-shaped displaying shelves to incubate all the ideas of IP designers, and the concave walls form an invisible egg, which means "a space for nurturing creativity" that we hope to become a sales brand highly praised by both IP creators and consumers.

UART CUBE實體門市同名字一樣的立方空間,展示IP作品銷售,不定期舉辦與IP創作者專屬展覽與活動,提供給大眾獨特的空間感受,讓IP設計者能接觸到更廣泛的大眾。


Design Reconstruction, Product Manufacturing

UART CUBE accepts the commercialization entrustment of individual IP creators or brokerage companies. We can provide professional bits of advice according to each need and remodel the painting with 3D technology. Furthermore, there is also a 3D scan for the sculpture, we can rebuild its 3D model, and then discuss the production methods and packaging design with the manufacturer.

What’s more, we can offer the company's contracted IP creators, authorize other manufacturers to make products, or engage in commercial activities such as endorsement and joint names that also accept exclusive sales or partial sales on our physical sales channel UART CUBE.

UART CUBE接受個別IP創作者或經紀公司的商品化委託,我們可以針對需求或者提供專業

或者提供公司已簽約的IP創作者,經紀授權其他製造商製造、或是從事代言與聯名等商業行為。並且接受在我們的實體銷售通路UART CUBE上獨家販售或是部分銷售


NFT Launching Planning

We tutor IP creators or accept the brokerage companies’ entrustment to provide consulting of putting works on shelves, arrange the suitable NFT platforms for sale, offer service of operating goods on behalf of customers, and output analysis reports regularly to assist in future strategy formulation.




UARTCUBE Dunnan Store

No.312-1, Sec.1, Dunhua S.Rd., Da’anDist., Taipei City10684, Taiwan

UARTCUBE Xinyi Store

2F.-2CO5, No. 5, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd. Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan


2F.-2CO5, No. 5, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd. Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan


1033 Center St, San Carlos, CA 94070 USA


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